Planning for Special Needs

If you have family member with special needs you need more than an attorney, you need an expert in the field and a seasoned advocate for the disabled. While many attorneys have a working knowledge of public benefits for the disabled, shifting eligibility policies and requirements for public benefits can create complicated legal knots that demand unique finesse and expertise.

With over two decades of success protecting those with special needs, we can help you strategize for all aspects of public benefits planning, either in a private special needs trust setting, or personal injury setting. We can also help plan your assets to maintain eligibility for benefits, in compliance with new rules affecting those under Medi-Cal and the Able Act.

Case Study

Tony is unable to work due to a disability and receives aid through SSI and Medi-Cal. When he inherited $200,000 from a family member, he was ineligible for his current public benefits, leaving him with no means of support. We were able to work with the court to move his inheritance into a Special Needs Trust, leaving him with access to the Special Needs Trust money for his needs, while still maintaining eligibility for SSI and Medi-Cal benefits.