California Probate Attorneys

Choosing the right Probate Attorneys

Often family members find themselves in a situation where a probate is required, either due to a lack of planning on the part of their loved one, or a lack of proper funding of a trust, or other reason.  Any probate attorney can file a probate petition. However, the stakes in probate court are high. Probate is often a painful process due to the necessity of the Court involvement and oversight and the expense associated with probate. We have a very active probate practice, which is carefully orchestrated to provide the client with peace of mind through frequent updates, working ultimately to a timely result.  Our attorneys and highly experienced paralegals clearly map out court appearances and deadlines, and stand by your side throughout the entire process.

Case Study

Amy’s mother Clare was fiercely independent and refused to agree to a living trust. When she suddenly died, her home (worth $800,000) and stock portfolio (worth $200,000) seemed to be left in limbo. We opened a probate case and Amy was appointed as administrator.   Amy was distraught over her mom’s passing and overwhelmed by the burden of administration, but we were able to calm her fears; we communicated with Amy regularly and effectively, and worked efficiently to value the assets, assisted in the clean out and sale of the home by connecting Amy with other skilled professionals, scheduled and met court deadlines, and closed the probate as quickly as possible.