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Our seasoned lawyers will help your family handle legal challenges involving seniors and loved ones
with special needs.

Plan for Senior Family Members or Loved Ones with Special Needs

If you have family member with special needs or an advanced age, you need more than an estate planning attorney — you need an expert in the field and a seasoned advocate for the disabled and elderly. While many attorneys have a working knowledge of public benefits for the disabled, shifting eligibility policies and requirements for public benefits can create complicated legal knots that demand unique finesse and expertise of an experienced elder law attorney in Torrance.

With almost three decades of success protecting the elderly and those with special needs, we can help you strategize for all aspects of public benefits planning, either in a private special needs trust setting, or personal injury setting. We can also help plan your assets to maintain eligibility for benefits, in compliance with new rules affecting those under Medi-Cal and the Able Act.

Case Study

Tony is unable to work due to a disability and receives aid through SSI and Medi-Cal. When he inherited $200,000 from a family member, he was ineligible for his current public benefits, leaving him with no means of support. We were able to work with Tony to create a Special Needs Trust, leaving him with a Trust to meet his needs, while still maintaining eligibility for SSI and Medi-Cal benefits.

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Providing Legal Advice with Integrity

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Compassionate Legal Services

Cox Law Group has been advocating for people with disabilities and seniors in California for over two decades. Planning for special needs and long-term care has been at the heart of our firm since our establishment—we help avoid unnecessary stresses down the road.


A Roadmap Unique to Each Client

Our team has created streamlined systems for handling cases in different law areas, including elder law in California. Using our efficient methods, our attorneys will create a roadmap tailored to your financial and personal goals. And we’ll explain every step of the process in detail.

Extensive Legal Experience

Our attorneys and paralegals have years of experience in helping families navigate the legal system in California. We’ll work with you to create an efficient solution for your unique situation while upholding integrity and compassion.


Special Needs and Elder Law FAQs

What planning do I have to do if my child has a disability?

If your child is entitled to public benefits, your most efficient option is a special needs trust. Please contact us, so we can help you preserve the public benefits your child is qualified for.

My spouse has to go to convalescent care, and I was advised to sell my house to cover the bills. Are there any other options for me?

If your spouse has to go to convalescent care, please consult an elder law office in Torrance. Our attorneys know laws that are in your favor and find options that don’t involve selling your home or other assets.