Do you have elder loved ones in your family?  Were you aware that May is National Elder Law Month?  The goal of National Elder Law Month is to focus on our aging California seniors and the help they may need.  In addition to an increased awareness of the needs of our senior population, communities across the nation and adult family members are encouraged to get involved. Are you wondering how to help the elder loved ones in your family? We have 5 ideas for assisting your elder loved ones that we would like to share. 

  1. Do your elder loved ones need assistance with groceries and meal planning? You can offer to do the grocery shopping and meal planning for your elder loved ones. These tasks will relieve the stress for elder loved ones with mobility issues, and provide nutritious food choices. In addition, you could also prepare easy-access finger-foods and pre-cooked multi-serving dishes.   Purchasing for your elder loved ones plastic cups, plates and straws can reduce clean-up.
  1. Do your elder loved ones need assistance with laundry and/or dressing? You could help elder loved ones do their laundry on a regular basis.  You could also help by laying out loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. Offer to assist your elder loved ones in purchasing comfortable shoes and clothes with Velcro and large zippers.
  1. Do your elder loved ones need assistance in taking care of their teeth?  Not remembering to take care of their teeth could result in painful health issues for your elder loved ones.  Be sure to remind your elder loved ones to brush their teeth after every meal or keep their dentures clean. Be sure to consult a dentist for more specific advice.
  1. Find out whether your elder loved ones would be able to age in place? Unfortunately, did you know that the home can quickly become an unsafe environment as we age? Even though many of us want to live at home as long as possible, it may not be the safest course of action for the long-term. For example, does your elder loved one have high shelves or staircases to navigate? Is there anything you can do to make his or her home more “senior friendly”. There may be steps you can take together with your elder loved one to make his or her home as safe as possible.
  1. Have your loved ones completed any California estate planning?  As we age, estate planning becomes even more important. Do your loved ones have the estate planning and elder law planning they need? If they do not, do you know how to help them start? Do you have questions? We work with California seniors and their loved ones every day to answer these important questions.

Do you have questions? We know this article may raise more questions than it answers.  In planning for sensitive and significant family needs, it’s important to work with someone who understands, someone who cares and can relate to your family’s unique concerns.  We know how to protect you or your loved one to ensure the best legal path is taken to meet your medical and financial needs. We’ll develop a clear roadmap to navigate the legal system on your behalf. You can rest assured that someone is by your side handling the situation at every step of the way.

It can be hard to navigate elder law in California when you don’t have training and experience. We have experience with estate planning, probate law, trust administration, and public benefits planning. As experts in the field of elder law and special needs law, we’re here to help guide you through this difficult time. Contact us so we may help you!