Did you know that Elder Law focuses on the unique needs and issues people confront as they age? Because May is National Elder Law Month, now may be a great time to learn more about elder law as well as learning more about the resources available to seniors and their caregivers. If you are a caregiver to a senior, you may know firsthand the importance of accessing any available help to support your senior or yourself in your caregiving capacity. Let us take a look at some of the resources for family caregivers.

Some of the best resources for family caregivers may be local senior centers and community centers. These places can offer support services and social engagement for seniors and their caregivers, often time at little to no cost. Not only are you likely to find caregiver support groups and resources, but you are also likely to find a place to take your elder family member for social interaction and engagement. Oftentimes, senior centers will arrange things like outings to get seniors to new places with their peer group.

Another crucial resource for family caregivers can also be other family members and loved ones. Not only can this group of people provide emotional and moral support to a family caregiver, but these are people that should be leaned on to help take on the heavier burdens of caregiving. A caregiver cannot be expected to meet the demands of a senior loved one day in and day out on his or her own. It is likely not to be sustainable before burnout sets in. Access family members and other loved ones of your senior family member as a resource to help take on a caregiving shift or a duty, such as grocery shopping or cleaning, to help lighten your caregiving load.

A third resource, often overlooked, are private care managers, and fiduciaries in the community.  Many of these professionals devote their businesses and energy to providing support and care when a person does not have a good support network.

Public benefits can provide caregiver support if an elder meets asset or income tests, or could qualify for services such as respite or bathing assistance, as allowed under Medicare.

For more information and resources available to caregivers and senior loved ones, our office is happy to assist. Please feel free to reach out to us to schedule an appointment.