Medi-Cal Planning

When one can no longer care for himself or herself, the burden often falls upon their spouse or remaining family members to find and fund long-term care. But if no plan exists, it can be overwhelming to pay for long-term care without draining existing assets.

We have helped countless families in these situations: finding avenues to preserve assets, while accelerating eligibility for Medi-Cal to care for a loved one. We will outline a plan that prepares for future convalescent care, or if no planning is in place, we will develop a crisis plan to shelter a home or holdings when the need arises.

Case Study

Judy and Bill were married for 50 years. After years of health issues, Bill entered convalescent care, leaving Judy to care for their home and $300,000 in assets. She was told (incorrectly) she would need to liquidate everything down to $2,000 in order to pay for Bill’s care. She turned to us to preserve her assets and protect her home. Through court intervention, we were able to set aside her home and assets, while funding her husband’s care through Medi-Cal.