Despite good intentions, elderly family members can often be resistant to estate planning, and failing to hire an attorney to prepare the necessary documents can lead to a legal nightmare. A caretaker, neighbor or relative may attempt to move in and take advantage of the elderly person’s deteriorating mental state for financial gain. In such cases a conservatorship may be the answer. A conservatorship appoints a responsible family member or third party to make medical and financial decisions on behalf of those who are no longer capable of making those decisions themselves.

We are experts at streamlining this process, and can address every aspect of planning and maneuvering through the court system to establish and administer conservatorships. Especially if you suspect an elderly family member is falling victim to undue influence or financial abuse, time is a factor. You need a seasoned advocate prepared to take action and implement a solution right away.

Case Study

Wendy’s brother Tim lived with their mother and was unemployed. Their mother was suffering from dementia, so Wendy began to grow concerned when she saw large sums of money flying out of her mother’s bank account. Suspecting her brother was behind the withdrawals, she filed for a conservatorship and took control of her mother’s affairs, preventing any further financial abuse.